Saatko metsästäsi irti kaiken, mitä se sinulle tarjoaa?

Our new service evaluates who owns the most diverse forest in Finland!

  • You can see the diversity profile of Finnish forest via our new web service. You can also test whether your forest’s diversity is the best in Finland.
  • How our service works?
    1. To fill the form, you need the 2016 data of your forest – size, location and wood sales.
    2. Check your input data carefully and fill in the needed fields.
    3. Paying 49.85 € you’ll receive your own forest’s certificate.
  • It takes ca. 10 minutes to fill in the form.
  • All respondents participate in the draw of 100 € gift token.

Do you want better or more diverse forest? We offer you the latest academic knowledge as an individualized professional service. We can also take care of everything related to your forest while you can use your time to other things – exercising, going to theater/concert or common time with family. Contact us!

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