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Fall in love with your forest. We can make it happen.

An increasing number of Finnish forest owners live far from their forest. We can bring your forest closer to you and promote your objectives regarding biodiversity, recreational values and financial goals.

We hope that you will fall in love with your forest. Share your values with us. Whether you want a steady income, firewood for the winter, deadwood as a habitat for insects or biodiesel from your backyard, we will show you how it is done in your own forest.

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Bluewhite Bioforest Oy Business ID: 2632418-5 Uutiskatu 2 00240 Helsinki

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Contact persons

Jyrki Nieminen Chief Executive Officer 050-5317111


Kuvassa Vesa Siitari, Henry Bergström, Jyrki Nieminen ja Kari-Pekka Rannikko.


Yhtiön T&K:hon on osallistunut yhteensä 19 eri henkilöä, joilla on monipuolinen koulutus, mm.
metsätieteiden maisteri, diplomi-insinööri, kauppatieteiden kandidaatti, Master of Science in Forestry and Environmental Science, executive MBA


Sirpa Huuskonen


Tiia Marttinen



We offer personalized forest development consulting and innovative services that will further each forest owner’s individual goals.

Your tailored forest strategy

A personalized forest strategy is the foundation of our services. It consists of a thorough value mapping, interactive face to face consulting session as well as comprehensive strategy based on your objectives.

Our work is based on a unique, fivefold model, which describes the benefits and ecosystem services provided by the forest: Economy, Energy, Environment, Products and Recreation.

Thematic review

Would you like to know more about your forest, such as its specific microclimate, hydrology or biodiversity, or its suitability for a continuous growth model?

Our thematic review will give you an in-depth look into the pressing issues and characteristics of your forest in a personal sit-down. We’ll walk you through the current best practices and recent developments applied to your forest.

Forest management advice

Pondering about how to increase the growth of your forest? We will help you assess the need for management measures in your forest and share our objective knowledge regarding the pros and cons of different silvicultural methods and practices. If you wish, we will also help you find the right partner to implement the planned measures.

Hungry for more information? Leave your contact information and we will be happy to tell you more about our services.


Traditional forest management practice has served one purpose only

The Forest Act drove Finnish forests towards a single goal for over 100 years: to produce as much wood as possible for the forest industry.

Only in 2014 did this change, when a formal complaint was filed with the EU commission regarding Forest Centres’ moral hazard and the compulsory membership to Forest Management Associations. By this time, a woeful concept had taken root within the industry; that the best way to manage any kind of forest is to maximize wood volume and aim for an eventual clearcut.

This is why so many Finnish forest owners are displeased with their forests. One income model, one value chain, minimal decision-making power, and neglect of nature and leisure values – it’s no wonder forest owners know and care less about their forests.

At Bluewhite Bioforest, we want you to fall in love with your forest. Tell us what it is you’re after – be it a steady flow of income, firewood for the winter, deadwood for forest critters, or biodiesel from your own backyard – and we’ll tell you how to make it happen.


Our business

Bluewhite Bioforest is a passionately customer-driven partner for forest owners. Producing new services in an era of bio-sustainable forest management hinges on having, using and spreading to customers the very newest know-how regarding, for example:

  • Raw materials for bio-refineries
  • Pyrolysis and fast pyrolysis techniques in energy refinement
  • Deriving biofuels from pine
  • The effects of climate change on e.g. forest hydrology

Our competitive advantage comprises our customer-based and agile business model, our broad network of experts and our unique approach to knowledge management.

Our future

Bluewhite Bioforest will be announcing next-gen services, whose funding is to be secured by IPO.

Contact: CEO Jyrki Nieminen