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Bluewhite Bioforest Ltd was founded in 2014 to serve new possibilities for the Finnish forest owners. Customer oriented approach is important for us and therefore we have active dialog with our customers. In this way we develop comprehensive plan, which fulfills the values of the forest owner.

We view forestry multidimensionally. We have created a fivefold model that describes the benefits of the forest: Energy, Products, Economy, Environment and Recreation. The model can be used to support the forest owners in their goals whether the question is about financial revenue, leisure activities or forest biodiversity.

We utilise modern tools diversely; our services are based on information technology and platform economy. Exploitation and transfer of information is thus easy and quick. We develop our services to respond new circumstances. As the latest, in the spring 2019 we introduced carbon dioxide binding contract of the forest, and its commercial certificate.


Contract for the forest’s carbon dioxide binding

We offer forest owners a possibility to get benefit from their forest without logging the trees. Bluewhite Bioforest Ltd contracts with the forest owner that the forest owner reserves a forest area for carbon dioxide binding for a certain period. With this agreement, the forest owner receives a certain amount of carbon dioxide binding certificates per hectare. These certificates can be sold as ICE Forest Coins. The income from the sold certificates is accounted to the forest owner annually after the forest’s carbon sink has been actualized. Contact us

Climate Loyalty Program

The forest owner who have made an agreement on the carbon dioxide binding can offer the ICE Forest Coins to private and company customers via Bluewhite Bioforest Ltd. For the product ICE Forest Coin we have created Climate Loyalty Program. Further information: Climate Loyalty Program. You can join the program by bying ICE Forest Coins (Buy here: ICE Forest Coin).

Forest development consulting and innovative services

In addition, we offer personalised forest development consulting and innovative services for mainly customers in Finland. These services highlights each forest owner’s individual goals. The services include Your Tailored Forest Strategy, Thematic Review and Forest Management Advice.