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Get the most out of your forestry investment

Sustainable bio-economy solutions are the basis of Finland’s welfare and competitiveness, and the growth of Finnish bio-economy is based on forest and trees.

When a forest is well managed in a timely manner, the forest will generate regular income. Especially the first 20 years of the rotation cycle are critical – timely silvicultural treatments and management measures can shorten the rotation period significantly and thus induce earlier income. Neglecting to tend the forest regularly causes Finnish forest owners hundreds of millions of euros worth of lost income yearly.

Example of the importance of tending your forest

  • The average growth of a well-tended spruce forest in Southern Finland is 6.5m3/ha/year
  • Well-tended forest grows 20 % better than a neglected forest
  • The average price for spruce logs is EUR 55 per cubic meter and EUR 15 for cubic meter of pulpwood
  • The forest has 300 cubic meter of wood per hectare, out of which 80 % is log
  • The average size of a forest holding in Finland is 30 hectares

On an average sized forest holding, the forest owner loses EUR 2000 yearly if the forest is not tended. A well-managed forest can bring EUR 14000 worth of income per hectare in the final felling.

We can help you achieve your financial goals in your forest!