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  • What would you like from your forest?

    Take part in the survey and win a free forest development consultation.

  • Biofuel from your own forest?

    Take advantage of the residues in your pine forest

  • A commercial forest can also be sustainable

    Hectare of Finnish pine forest binds 9.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year

Fall in love with your forest.
We will make it happen.

It’s more and more common for forest owners to live far from their forest. Our mission is to bring your forest closer to you.

What would you like from your forest?

Show us how you value your forest and win a free forest development consultation.

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    Bluewhite Bioforest

    The world of a Finnish forest owner is totally different today than it was 5 years ago. The reform of the Forest Act removed many of the restrictions holding forest owners back from freely managing their forest estates.

    Bluewhite Bioforest was founded in the fall of 2014 with this in mind, to re-think smart forest management – and tell Finland’s forest owners all about it.

    Our team brings together know-how from several fields. This means we’re able to ask the obvious yet forgotten question: “What would you like from your forest?”, and address exactly what you’re after, be it improved biodiversity, more leisure activities, or increased financial revenue.

    Our work is based on a unique, fivefold model that we created to describe the benefits and ecosystem services provided by forests: Economy, Energy, Environment, Products and Recreation