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EU's emission price is 780 % higher vs. -17. ICE Forest Coin will sink 1 tCO2/y.

Climate change needs actions. Decrease of emissions is too slow. We have to utilize carbon sink (sequestration). Forest Coins are efficient and long term solution!

EU’s carbon dioxide Auction Clearing Price/tCO2/y is 44,10 € (April 14th, 2021).

Offering the forest owner an option instead of cutting the trees anyone can have an immediate influence on climate. Emission rights are theoretical and a slow path to influence. Forest’s carbon dioxide certificate will have an immediate impact. It is based on the state-of-the-art research and gives an easy and reliable tool to invest in carbon footprint either for the onging year or longer to the future. The market will decide how to take a stance concerning the climate change. You can act now and buy one or more ICE Forest Coins. Five coins equals at the global average of one human’s annual carbon footprint.

After the first year the ICE Forest Coin investor got >40 % on top of what was promised as carbon dioxide sink.

Make your own climate action and invest in Forest Coins! Today’s purchase price of one coin is 39 % cheaper than EU’s emission right and the impact of your action will start immediately without delays. 100 % of your investment goes to the forest owner who has signed for not to cut the trees during the agreed period. You will be entitled to a numbered certificate and you can enter in the Climate Loyalty Program which will entitle you to coming special benefits.

Ostotoimeksiannon päivän hinta /Price of the order 89,96 € / kolikko/coin
Kauppahinta/Purchase price
Yhteensä, sis. ALV/Total incl. VAT

The steps of Climate Loyalty Program you find here.

Are you interested in compensating your carbon footprint? ICE Forest Coin (I Care for Emissions, Metsäkolikko in Finnish) is a service with which you can easily and effectively cover your carbon footprint by investing in the Finnish forest. The ability of growing forests to sequestrate carbon is superior compared to other ways. If you are a forest owner outside Finland, please contact us by email, and we find out whether your forest is suitable to be offered as a carbon sink for the ICE Forest Coin service.

Furthermore, we have opened Climate Loyalty Program which you can join from the beginning – get acquainted to the latest Top 5 ranking on our web-site.

Buy Metsäkolikko / ICE Forest Coin! Act this way:

  1. Fill in your customer information 
  2. Make contract for the amount of Metsäkolikko / ICE Forest Coin you prefer 
  3. Pay by Paytrail – you get confirmation to your email

What is ICE Forest Coin all about?

Increasing the carbon sink of the forests is an effective solution to decrease carbon dioxide burden of the atmosphere. In Finland, the growing forest binds carbon dioxide approximately 9,000 kg/ha/y. We make a carbon dioxide binding contract with the forest owner in which the owner guarantees not to log trees in a selected area for a period of five contract years. We check that the forest is suitable to bind carbon, the ownership of the forest and the fact that the forest has not been logged during the contract period. The existence of the trees and the growth of the forest is checked yearly, after which the forest owner gets the profit for leaving the trees to grow, instead of logging them. Forest Coin follows the emissions trading of the European Union and is based on the scientific evidence of the forests’ ability to bind carbon dioxide from the air. One Forest Coin responds to an annual carbon dioxide ton (1,000 kg), and you can buy that amount of Forest Coins you prefer. The price of one Forest Coin follows the price level of the European Union emissions trading.

The authority clearings have been conducted with the European and Finnish Intellectual Property Offices (IPO, PRH), and with the Finnish authorities Financial Supervisory Authority, Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman and tax administration.

The benefits of Forest Coin compared to other ways to bind carbon are:

  • An efficient way to influence on climate change: ten times as effective as, for example, the environmental rehabilitation of the peatlands.
  • Creates new working places now and in the future: the service is developed, studied and piloted in Finland, and it will be expanded worldwide later.
  • Forest Coin does not need public state or community financing since its funding raises from private persons and enterprises.

What is your own carbon footprint?

According to the report of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the yearly carbon footprint of an average Finn is 10 300 kg. The biggest carbon dioxide source is living, covering one third of the whole carbon footprint. Other sources are transportation, food and other consumption. 

You can also calculate your own annual carbon footprint with, e.g., calculator by Sitra.