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Our story

Bluewhite Bioforest Ltd was founded in 2014 to refresh forest use and to tell about new possibilities for the Finnish forest owners. We want to enhance the multiuse of the forests. The forest owners are in the key position when they decide on the use of their forests. Our experts support the forest owners in their goals whether the question is about forest biodiversity, leisure activities or financial revenue. ICE Forest Coin. Forest is much more than timber tree. Our work is based on a fivefold model that describes the benefits provided by forests: Energy, Products, Economy, Environment and Recreation. The own goals of the forest owners determine, what part of the model is utilised. The fivefold model is described below. ​
Energy All the raw wood is not used in the saw mill and plywood industry. Energy wood can also give income for the forest owner. The combustion of energy wood in the district heating plants produces thermal energy. Forestry residues contain plenty of lignocellulose which make them appropriate as biofuel. Wood-based fuels do not directly compete with the food production what comes to raw material. There is an increasing interest on the wood-based biofuels and their refinement.
Products The main tree species in Finnish forest are pine, spruce and birch, from which pine has the biggest markets. The use of special trees is fairly little.
Pine. Pine oil is a side product of cooking of sulfate cellulose. Pine oil is refined, for example, to renewable biofuel, to substance that enhances recycling of asphalt and to substances utilised in functional food (sterols) and as adhesives in paintings. Pine serves raw material for carpentery products, boat production as well as for timber and building industry. Traditionally pine has been used in pillars, masts, building timber, railroad ties and plywood. In the past pine tar was one of the most valuable product of our forests.
Spruce. Spruce can be used as food and as a raw material in textile industry. The fresh shoots of spruce are a healthy and tasty addition to your diet. Spruce wood contains long fibres, which bind together to make strong paper and other chemical products such as viscose. The origin of viscose is a natural fibre, which is chemically processed in wood pulping factories. Viscose is a breathable fabric that feels comfortable on skin.
Birch. Birch is used in furniture and musical instruments as well as in production of paper and plywood. Birch is good in decoration and parquets. In the past, birch was utilised in preparation of dishes, baskets and even shoes. The energy content of birch is high which makes it approprite for the wood-based heating. The sap of birch and chaga mushroom serve as dietary supplements.
Special Tree Species. In addition to the commonly used tree species, there is also a steady demand for the more unusual species. These tree species have special properties that make them desirable for a number of purposes. Not only is alder wood valued in carpentry and the furniture industry, but it is also the most popular surface material in Finnish saunas. Black alder is used for furniture, decorative items, interior design, musical instruments and smoking of wood.
Economy When a forest is managed in a timely manner, the forest will generate regular income. Especially the first 20 years of the rotation cycle are critical – timely silvicultural treatments and management measures can shorten the rotation period significantly and thus induce earlier income. A well cared for forest grows 20 % better than poorly treated. You do not have to wait for logging in order to get income from the forest. The forest binds carbon dioxide when it grows. Our service ICE Forest Coin utilises this quality: forest owner can get income already during the growing period of the forest. ICE Forest Coin
Environment The trees of a Finnish pine forest bind approximately 9.5 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare each year. The carbon from the atmosphere is stored into trees, soil and processed lumber. Each cubic meter of wood stores roughly 0.9 tons of carbon dioxide. The carbon storage of a forest is directly proportional to the amount of wood it contains. The more it has wood, the more it absorbs carbon dioxide. Therefore, each forest owner can take part in carbon sequestration by managing their forests effectively. A productive and vital commercial forest is also ecological. ICE Forest Coin
Recreation A forest is much more than a beautiful scene of birch or a fragrance of pine in boreal forest. In addition to the nature values, the forest serves many kind of recreation. You can pick berries and mushrooms in the forest. There you can jog, ski and hike.

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